Obama Sushi

Do you like sushi? i don’t hehe…; but today i found an interesting (well, radiculous :P) sushi platter here .  take a look at this image below

do you remember with my blog post that copied by Mr. Barrack team to bring him to white house :P . ok, they also use “Yes, You Can” slogan like mine (halah!). and finally, “Yes You Can” slogan combine with Obama, can create extreme masterpiece “rolled sushi ornament” 

let’s take deep into process, how Mr. Kawazumi create it:

he is creating “the star-spangled banner” american flag, then create a car sushi :), can you find 4 cars there (second image)?

what about “USA” text, to do this, mr. kawazumi create it with leftover cooked egg was put in a food processor (will it blend?) with some rice. Let me tell you now, that’s only one way to make yellow rice.  :P

well, i know you are smile (or may be laughing ) at me, like this smiley faces :D

Won’t be so happy when they get eaten huh ;)

fyi, it’s also made from the “yellow rice” like previous “USA”.


have a nice day, and keep smiling :)


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