Ya Allah kami bermohon kepada-Mu kesehatan dalam keimanan
kami bermohon keimanan dalam budi pekerti yang luhur
kami bermohon usia yang panjang dalam kebajikan amal
ya Allah sebagaimana Engkau telah memperbaiki bentuk fisik kami
maka kami bermohon perbaiki pulalah akhlak kami
ya Allah jadikanlah bisikan hati kami lebih indah dari apa yang kami nyatakan
dan jadikanlah apa yang nyata dari kami selalu merupakan kebajikan
dan jadikanlah kami dari hamba-hambamu yang shalih.

Why Intelligent People Fail

1. Lack of motivation. A talent is irrelevant if a person is not motivated to use it. Motivation may be external (for example, social approval) or internal (satisfaction from a job well-done, for instance). External sources tend to be transient, while internal sources tend to produce more consistent performance.

2. Lack of impulse control. Habitual impulsiveness gets in the way of optimal performance. Some people do not bring their full intellectual resources to bear on a problem but go with the first solution that pops into their heads.

3. Lack of perserverance and perseveration. Some people give up too easily, while others are unable to stop even when the quest will clearly be fruitless.

4. Using the wrong abilities. People may not be using the right abilities for the tasks in which they are engaged.

5. Inability to translate thought into action. Some people seem buried in thought. They have good ideas but rarely seem able to do anything about them.

6. Lack of product orientation. Some people seem more concerned about the process than the result of activity.

7. Inability to complete tasks. For some people nothing ever draws to a close. Perhaps it’s fear of what they would do next or fear of becoming hopelessly enmeshed in detail.Baca selebihnya »