Java API Design Checklist

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The Amiable API

There are many different rules and tradeoffs to consider during Java API design. Like any complex task, it tests the limits of our attention and memory. Similar to the pilots’ pre-flight checklist, this list helps software designers remember obvious and not so obvious rules while designing Java APIs. It is a complement to and intended to be used together with the API Design Guidelines.

We also have some before-and-after code examples to show how this list can help you remember overlooked design requirements, spot mistakes, identify less-than-optimal design choices and opportunities for improvements.

Click the [explain] link next to a checklist item (where available) for details about the rationale, examples, design tradeoffs or other limitations of applicability.

This list uses the following conventions:

   (Do) verb...  - Indicates the required design
    Favor...     - Indicates the best of several design alternatives
    Consider...  - Indicates a possible design improvement

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